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Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome

Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome Causes

It is a mental condition that is inherited from the parent to child.

Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome Definition

Woodhouse-Sakati syndrome is an unusual autosomal recessive genetic disorder which results to the malformation and deficiencies affecting the endocrine system (Woodhouse NJ, Sakati NA (1983). "A syndrome of hypogonadism, alopecia, diabetes mellitus, mental retardation, deafness, and ECG abnormalities". J. Med. Genet. 20 (3): 216-9).

Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical examination of the patient as well as the examination and study of the patient's family history inasmuch as the disease is inherited.

Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

It is characterized by the manifestation of alopecia, hypogonadism, loss of hearing, mental retardation and diabetes mellitus (Medica I, Sepcic J, Peterlin B (2007). "Woodhouse-Sakati syndrome: case report and symptoms review". Genet Couns. 18 (2): 227-231).

Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome Treatment

There is no known treatment for the syndrome but there are treatments for the symptoms as they manifest.

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