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Aaviophobia Causes

The root cause of developing aviophobia vary from one individual to another and may also be a result of other fears or phobias like fear of hijacking or terrorism, fear of turbulence, fear of crashing that may cause death or injury, fear of heights, and fear of closed spaces such as an aircraft cabin. A previous traumatizing experience when flying can also cause aviophobia.

Aaviophobia Definition

Aaviophobia is a fear of being on a plane while in flight. Other names include aviatophobia, aerophobia, and pteromerhanophobia. The condition is considered more of a symptom rather than a disease. When fear of flying reaches a level that can significantly interfere with a person's ability to travel by plane, it will then be classified as fear of flying.

Aaviophobia Symptoms and Signs

A person who is observed to be presenting symptoms of great distress when obligated to travel by air is a clear manifestation of aviophobia. Panic attacks and vomiting may be presented upon seeing an aircraft or mentioning air travel.

Aaviophobia Treatment

Learning to fly or sky dive can help an aviophobic to overcome his fear for flying. Certain therapies are proven effective as well such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Systematic desensitization. Medications including psychoactive medicines such as relaxant and depressants for individuals experiencing anxiety can be prescribed though not always recommended.

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