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Ectopia cordis

Ectopia cordis Causes

Medical experts believe that there has been some slim evidences relating ectopia cordis to Turner Syndrome. This largely involves chromosomal anomalies such as the Trisomy 18 that ahs been observed among children suffering from ectopia cordis. In general, there is no underlying recognizable cause for this serious medical condition. However, this condition is not likely to occur to other future children.

Ectopia cordis Definition

Ectopia cordis is categorized as ab extremely rare congenital malformation of the heart that still remains very not easy to treat up to this day and age. Ectopia cordis is characterized by the development of the heart outside the chest wall, which means it is not protected by the sternum or the skin. In such cases, it is also likely that other organs may also form outside the body.

Ectopia cordis Diagnosis

Majority of the cases are detected through prenatal ultrasound. An echocardiologist usually confirms the diagnosis.

Ectopia cordis Symptoms and Signs

Along with the evident malformation of the heart, neonates may also have cleft palate, spinal defects, and pulmonary atresia. Most of the Ectopia cordis patients have C curvature on the thoracic spine as well as kyphosis.

Ectopia cordis Treatment

Primary treatment include a delicate fetal surgery procedure that would require extensive research.

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