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ACL Injury

ACL Injury Causes

Sudden pivoting, change in direction as well as overextending of the knee are the main causes of ACL injury. These are found to be most common in volleyball and basketball sports, putting the knee at serious risk.

ACL Injury Definition

Athletes are more likely to suffer from anterior cruciate ligament injury or ACL, but quite uncommon for the general public who are not subjected to strenuous physical activities. An anterior cruciate is one of the two ligaments that crosses in the middle of the knee, connecting the thighbone and the shinbone. Hard twisting or some sudden stop while landing, running or a direct blow to the knee can injure the ACL.

ACL Injury Diagnosis

Diagnosis starts with a physical examination as well asking pertinent questions on the possible causes of the injury. An imaging test such as an X-ray or an MRI is used to assess the damage and determine if surgery is required.

ACL Injury Symptoms and Signs

At the time of the occurrence of an ACL injury, symptoms may include a loud popping sound, severe pain, swelling on the knee as well as the feeling of instability with bearing the body weight.

ACL Injury Treatment

Initial treatment is necessary to provide short-term relief of the affected area and reduce swelling. Among the first aid treatments include elevating the affected knee, use of ice, pain relievers, a splint to stabilize the injured area or an elastic bandage around the knee. A surgical procedure is most likely required but a injured tendon cannot be sewn back together, which means the injured tendon needs to be reconstructed. This is done by taking a piece of tendon from another part of the leg and using it to connect the shinbone and the thighbone. Rehabilitation is usually required following a surgical treatment.

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