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Actinomycetales Infection

Actinomycetales Infection Clinical Trials

There are several trials that are privately and federally supported wherein the subjects are humans. A few of these trials include prophylaxis against tuberculosis for patients with HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus infection; the administration of Rifampicin (at the trial phases II and III), clofazimine, ciprofloxacin, Amikacin, and Ethambutol; Clarithromycin treatment; pharmacokinetics; and Levofloxacin.

Actinomycetales Infection Definition

Actinomycetales infection is an infection which is bacterial in nature. This comes from the order of actinobacteria. The alternate names for this type of infection are: actinomycete infection; actinomycetales infection; or actinomycte infection.

Actinomycetales Infection Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of actinomycetales infection include inflammation of the lungs; the loss of appetite; chest pains; cough; coughing up of blood; weight loss; headache; weakness; lethargy (feeling of sluggishness or tiredness); abscesses of the organs; confusion; abscesses of the skin; fever; night sweating (usually cold sweats); a liver that is abnormally large; and an abnormally enlarged spleen.

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