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Acute Beryllium Disease

Acute Beryllium Disease Causes

The main cause of the disease is due to exposure to the element beryllium. People usually affected by this disease are those working in factories that use beryllium for their products, particularly of materials used for dental purposes.

Acute Beryllium Disease Definition

Acute Beryllium Disease, also known as acute berylliosis, is the inflammation of the lungs due to exposure to beryllium.

Acute Beryllium Disease Diagnosis

Acute beryllium disease is diagnosed by x-rays and blood tests.

Acute Beryllium Disease Symptoms and Signs

The signs that indicate the onset of the disease include incessant coughing, dyspnea and other flu-like symptoms.

Acute Beryllium Disease Treatment

The disease can be treated by adequate rest as well as intake of corticosteroids to prevent the onset of inflammation.

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