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Adenoma Causes

The cause of adenomas is usually unknown. Liver adenomas that occur in women are sometimes linked to prolonged use of oral contraceptives. There are also some forms of adenomas such as that of the colon that can be inherited.

Adenoma Definition

Adenoma is characterized as a collection ogu growth that is glandular in origin. Adenomas usually grow in major body organs such as the adrenal, pituitary, thyroid and colon. These growths are usually benign in nature but can progress into malignant over. While it can be ntbenign, it can also present some potentially serious complications by mass effect and production of large volumes of hormones.

Adenoma Diagnosis

There are various techniques that can be employed in the diagnosis of adenomas. Among the usual procedures include the collection of urine and blood samples, CT scan, ultrasound imaging, and MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. Biopsies can also be used to determine if the tumor malignant or benign.

Adenoma Symptoms and Signs

There are actually of set of symptoms can are applied to the different types of adenomas. There are several disorders that share similar symptoms. For colon adenoma, persistent adenoma may be a clear indication.

Adenoma Treatment

Surgical removal is often the recommended treatement for major types of adenomas. There are also some conditions that can be cured with proper medication.

Drugs used for treatment of Adenoma


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