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Aichmophobia Causes

The unconscious mind creates Aichmophobia as a protective mechanism. The past experiences may also play great role in such a way that there might be an event where you have to deal with the use of needles or any pointed objects that caused you pain or trauma. While the original cause may be due to a real-life experience, the condition may also arise due to countless, benign events such as movies. As long as the negative relation is powerful enough the unconscious mind thinks that the entire thing or event is dangerous. One of the primary ways where in individuals learns are attaching emotions to situations. Manifestation In different ways the real phobia shows itself. Several patients suffer it almost all the time, others merely in reaction to direct stimuli. Each person has their own distinctive method for when and how to feel bad. Complications People suffering from Aichmophobia tend to avoid a lot of activities which leads them to miss out on some of the important events in their life. It also leads them to be picky when looking for work or involving themselves in several activities which will impair their social life at some point.

Aichmophobia Definition

Aichmophobia is the tremendous and unreasonable fear of being touched by a finger or any pointed materials or objects such as needles or injections.

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