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Albinism immunodeficiency

Albinism immunodeficiency Clinical Features

There are numerous signs of Albinism immunodeficiency though neutropenia appear to be the most usual. Albinism immunodeficiency is also related to oculocutaneous albinism. Patient who have oculocutaneous albinism are also prone to infections like Staph Aureus.

Albinism immunodeficiency Complications

Death because of lymphoma and hemorrhage Death because of infection Lymphoma Leukemia

Albinism immunodeficiency Definition

Albinism immunodeficiency is an unusual persistent disorder that involves multiple systems of the body and occurs from an alteration in the lysosomal trafficking regulator gene, LYST. Because of the destruction of lysosome degranulation with phagosomes phagocytosed bacteria are not damaged by the lysosome's enzymes. Additionally, emission of lytic secretory granules in the cytotoxic T cells is also distressed. Not only doe sit happen to humans but also to cattle, blue Persian cats, white tigers and orcas.

Albinism immunodeficiency Symptoms and Signs

Light sensitivity Changing nystagmus upon light exposure Weakness Fever Cerebellar tremor Loss of coordination Paralysis/immobility Progressive peripheral neuropathy Enlarged/swollen liver Anemia Low blood platelet level Decreased level of leukocytes in blood Decreased level of platelets in blood Easy bruising Excessive/too much bleeding tendency Retarded growth

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