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Albright's syndrome

Albright's syndrome Causes

There are no known reports on the underlying cause of Albright's syndrome. Genetic mutation is thought as a very possible source of the deformities brought about by this congenital disorder and some experts believe its purely a metabolic anomaly.

Albright's syndrome Definition

Albright's syndrome is a genetic disorder that is characterized by some irregularities on the skin known as caf?-au-lait spots, endocrine problems and bone diseases, by which the bones become weak and the development of deformities in the skull, legs and arms. The endocrine diseases may cause an abnormally rapid increase of growth rate and early puberty. Patients are affected in varying degrees and display different characteristics largely depending on the severity of the case.

Albright's syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis for Albright's syndrome may include LH and FSH blood tests, ultrasonography, x-rays for bone disease and phosphate urine test.

Albright's syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Among the prominent symptoms of Albright's syndrome include bone deformities especially in the arms and legs, pigmentations on the skin and increased tendency to fractures.

Albright's syndrome Treatment

Patients are primarily treated for the different deformities through corrective surgeries such as surgical bone pinning, surgical bone grafting and surgical bone casting. . Ovarian surgery may also be a required procedure for female patients.

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