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Amaurosis Definition

“Amaurosis” is a Greek word that means obscure, dark or darkening. As its name suggest, Amaurosis is vision loss or a weakness that develops without any apparent lesion, affecting the eyes. Amaurosis can be a result from a medical condition, while some are acquired from excess acceleration, such as in flights.

Amaurosis Symptoms and Signs

Patients with Amaurosis usually experience total symptom onset within a few minutes. In extremely rare cases of Amaurosis, vision loss or stroke has resulted. Hypertension, diabetes and smoking are the greatest factors known to increase the risk of suffering from Amaurosis. This condition can also be a result of mitral valve surgery. Some patients of Amaurosis can occur in those with vitamin B1 (or Thiamin) deficiency caused by Thiamine-related Cerebrocortical Necrosis (CNN).

Amaurosis Treatment

Anyone who are experiencing Amaurosis are recommended to consult a physician when any form of vision loss, even temporary blindness, occur. This may be a symptom indicating a presence of a more serious ocular disease or systemic problem.

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