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Amnestic Disorder

Amnestic Disorder Causes

Amnestic Disorder is said to be caused by a structural or chemical damage to the brain parts which may be due to head trauma, tumors, stroke or due to a disease which affects the blood vessels of in the brain. It may also be caused by drug use, exposure to toxic chemicals, alcoholism and exposure to pesticides.

Amnestic Disorder Definition

Amnestic Disorder, otherwise known as the Retrogade Amnesia, is a disorder where there unusually decline in memory function such as difficulty in recalling events that happened or facts that they know before the Amnestic Disorder.

Amnestic Disorder Diagnosis

Amnestic Disorder may be diagnosed through imaging studies, mental state examination or MMSE to evaluate the person's cognitive functioning.

Amnestic Disorder Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Amnetic Disorder includes memory loss and disturbances, decline in memory ability , lack of insight regarding their memory loss hence there is denial that there is something wrong with their memory.

Amnestic Disorder Treatment

At present there is no treatment that is made particularly for Amnetic Disorder however, it may be prevented through administration and treatment with the use of thiamin.

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