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Anal Itching

Anal Itching Causes

Some of the causes of anal itching can be due to dry skin, excessive washing, too much moisture, chemical and food irritants, reaction to medication as well as overuse of laxatives. It can also be a cause of skin disorders, anal tumors, yeast infections and anal abrasions or fissures.

Anal Itching Definition

Anal itching is characterized by an intense itching felt around the anus causing extreme discomfort. This medical condition is also called pruritus ani and can be caused by a number of irritants such as abrasion of the clothing, moisture or even pressure in sitting.

Anal Itching Diagnosis

Physical examination and interview on the symptoms are among the primary basis for diagnosis. Colonoscopy can also be conducted to check other possible complications.

Anal Itching Symptoms and Signs

Anal itching is often associated with some other symptoms in and around the anus such as soreness and burning sensation. Most of the time it typically goes away after a few months but can be persistent and can be a source of embarrassment.

Anal Itching Treatment

Treatment of anal itching would normally depend on the cause of the problem. Most of the time, self-care treatments may be enough such as a change in the diet, infection treatment. However, there are some cases that would require surgery.

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