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Anasarca Causes

Causes are too much salt or sodium, burns, sunburn, poor nutrition, too little albumin in the blood, pregnancy, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, liver failure from cirrhosis, thyroid diseases, and drugs including androgenic and anabolic steroids, corticosteroids such as prednisone, estrogen, and certain blood pressure medicines.

Anasarca Definition

Anasarca, also called Swelling is the enlargement of skin, organs or other body parts. It is caused by build up of liquid in the tissues. The extra fluid can advance to a quick upsurge in weight over a short period of time. Anasarca can occur throughout the body or only in a definite part of the body.

Anasarca Diagnosis

The doctor will make a physical exam. If the doctor doubts an underlying medical state as the cause of anasarca, he or she may recommend some tests like chest X-ray, urine tests or blood tests, to identify the condition.

Anasarca Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Anasarca is the following: swelling or puffiness of the tissue under your skin, stretched or shiny skin, skin that retains a dimple after being pressed for several seconds, increased abdominal size.

Anasarca Treatment

Medication involves taking treatments to increase kidneys' output of water and sodium. Diuretics often used to cure edema include thiazide diuretics, and furosemide.

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