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Angina, Unstable

Angina, Unstable Causes

Angina pectoris is caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels such that oxygen could not be sufficiently delivered to the heart muscles. This can also be due to emotional stress and arteriosclerosis.

Angina, Unstable Definition

Unstable angina, or angina pectoris, is a medical condition where the obstruction of the coronary artery causes reduced supply of oxygen to the heart.

Angina, Unstable Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of this disease are stress, chest pain, and viselike squeezing sensations in the breastbone. Chest pains usually last for a few minutes. This disorder is common among the elderly.

Angina, Unstable Treatment

Angina pectoris is treated with adequate rest and relaxation. In severe cases, surgery is required to improve oxygen circulation in the arteries.

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