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Angiopathy Causes

This is a disease which occurs as a complication of Diabetes mellitus and caused by high levels of blood sugar in our system thus resulting to the damage or eventual death of our lymph vessels or blood vessels.

Angiopathy Definition

Angiopathy refers to any disease associated with the blood vessels or the lymph vessels. When angiopathy is caused by diabetes, it is called diabetic angiopathy. Similar to most complications brought about by diabetes, diabetic angiopathy is primarily due to hyperglycemia or the high levels of blood sugar known to us as glucose. This disease can occur in any part of the body where the effect of high glucose level resulted to clogged up due to build up of plaque in the inner walls of the vessels. There are two types of this disease, macroangiopathy or microangiopathy.

Angiopathy Diagnosis

Constant check-up and monitoring of people especially those that are suffering from diabetes should be done. Problems in the vascular vessels of the heart,eyes, limbs, kidneys and brain should be avoided.

Angiopathy Symptoms and Signs

There is no concrete symptoms of this disease. Although, being a complication of diabetes, it follows the same pattern of symptoms as that of diabetes mellitus. Frequent urination or large amount of liquids, being always thirsty, stress and fatigue and other symptoms like pain in the head, eyes or other parts of the body.

Angiopathy Treatment

Treatments often recommended by Physicians for the patient includes control of the level of blood sugar, avoiding high blood pressure or hypertension, improving levels of cholesterol, monitoring the levels of protein in the urine called proteinuria, conduct eye tests to examine vessels and check dilated pupil, care for the feet, indulge in regular exercise to encourage blood circulation, healthy diet, getting and maintaining healthy weight, limiting intake of alcohol and definitely no smoking. Doctors may also recommend aspirin therapy.

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