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Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain Causes

An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle its move out of its usual position, causing the ligaments to stretch abnormally or even tear it. A trauma caused by an fall or landing awkwardly when jumping or pivoting as well as running on an uneven surface increases the risks of spraining the ankle.

Ankle Sprain Definition

An ankle sprain may be due to a sudden twist or roll of the ankle or any unnatural movement that stretched the ligaments of the ankle. The ligaments are tough elastic bands that connects a bone to another as well ass help stabilize the joints to prevent any excessive movements.

Ankle Sprain Diagnosis

Diagnosis is primary based on the symptoms. Imaging tests such as MRI and x-rays may also be conducted to check the severity of the condition.

Ankle Sprain Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of an ankle sprain will greatly depend on its severity. Most often it causes painful swelling that is evident right after the injury. In severe conditions, the ligaments may be torn, making wit extremely difficult to move the feet.

Ankle Sprain Treatment

Treatment for a sprained ankle will depend on the severity of the injury. In mild conditions, applying ice and taking pain medications may be enough to treat the condition along with giving the ankle enough rest. In some cases, an ankle brace may be necessary. In severe conditions, a cast or walking boot is required to stabilize the ankle and avoid causing further strain.

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