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Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome Causes

Anterior knee pain syndrome can be due to muscle stress on the knee after undergoing strenuous activities. It can also be a result of friction of the knee joints after an injury.

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome Definition

Anterior knee pain syndrome is a degeneration of the tissue that protects the knee cap. This disease features extreme pain on the knees and is usually felt by people who are into athletic sports.

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome Diagnosis

The illness can be determined by physical check-up of the affected knee. X-ray can also detect signs of fracture or injury.

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The main symptoms of the disease are pain on the knees, cramps and tingling or burning sensation in the kneecap.

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome Treatment

Treatment for the illness is done by massage therapy and relaxation to ease the muscles that surround the knee. Surgery meanwhile is recommended for serious injuries like bone fractures. Physical and occupational therapies meanwhile are advised to help speed up the recovery process and strengthen the knee bones and muscles.

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