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Anuria Causes

Anuria is usually caused by urinary tumors, kidney stones, lassa fever, and some side effects of medications and chemicals.

Anuria Definition

Anuria otherswise known as the Anuresis is a medical condition where there is inability to urinate because of the kidney failed to function or due to diseases like kidney stones.

Anuria Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Anuria is made through physical examination of the patient and undergoing series of laboratory tests such as urinalysis, serum creatinine, blood chemistry tests, kidney and abdominal ultrasound, x-ray, abdominal CT Scan or abdominal MRI and blood tests.

Anuria Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of the Anuria includes failure to urinate, lack of appetite, vomiting, weakness and even sudden collapse of the person.

Anuria Treatment

Treatment for Anuria includes administration of Mannitol which increases the blood flow to the kidney; Dextrose and Dopamine to produce and induce urination and surgical treatments.

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