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Asbestos Poisoning

Asbestos Poisoning Causes

Asbestos Poisoning is caused by inhalation of asbestos fibers which penetrates bronchioles and alveolar walls. Person working in construction industries, fireproofing,textile industries and those industries where there is production of paints, plastics and brakes as more prone to asbestor poisoning.

Asbestos Poisoning Definition

Asbestos Poisoning is a medical condition whereby the person is poisoned because of too much exposure or even ingestion of asbestos fibers. It may later on cause asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Asbestos Poisoning Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes undergoing several tests such as blood tests and urinalysis.

Asbestos Poisoning Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Asbestos Poisoning includes respiratory problems.

Asbestos Poisoning Treatment

Treatment for Asbestos Poisoning focus more on the symptoms as they manifest and includes relieving respiratory symptoms such as undergoing chest physiotherapy techniques and aerosol therapy fluid intake. Administration of diuretics, cardiac glycosides and salt restrictions may also be used to treat the effects of the asbestos poisoning.

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