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Ascending Aorta Dissection

Ascending Aorta Dissection Causes

Underlying heart diseases can cause ascending aortic dissection, such as aortic dilation, congenital aortic valve abnormalities, Maeran syndrome and aortic aneurysm.

Ascending Aorta Dissection Definition

Ascending aortic dissection is a cardiovascular disease in which the walls of the ascending aorta are split open due to pressure.

Ascending Aorta Dissection Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed once treated.

Ascending Aorta Dissection Symptoms and Signs

Persons who are suffering from ascending aortic dissection encounter sudden chest pain accompanied by cold sweat.

Ascending Aorta Dissection Treatment

Aortic dissection is an unexpected event, thus a person who suffers from the illness should be given immediate medical attention. Drugs used under intensive care are used to lower blood pressure.

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