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Atheroma Causes

Atheroma is said to be caused by aging, hypertension,high fat diet, smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, angina pectoris, cardiac arrest and stroke.

Atheroma Definition

Atheroma is the medical condition where the arteries are thickening or swelling because of the deposition of the plaque on the artery walls.

Atheroma Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through examination of patient's history, physical examination and undergoing several tests including arteriography, doppler ultrassonography and plethysmography, EEG and CT Scan.

Atheroma Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes pain in the chest, shortness of breathing and heart attack.

Atheroma Treatment

Treatment for Atheroma includes administration of medicine especially that of aspirin which helps to lessen the stickinessof the blood cells, undergoing bypass surgery.

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