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Autism Causes

There is no exact and identifiable cause for autism; but is somehow related to abnormalities in several regions of the brain and a number of gene defects.

Autism Definition

Autism is a brain disorder associated with a variety of developmental problems, which impairs in social interaction and communication causing restricted and repetitive behavior. The manifestations are often observed before the child turns three.

Autism Diagnosis

There is no medical test to pinpoint autism but observing and talking to a child suspected with autism in combination with evaluating social, behavioral, and language skills history of development can help the specialist to confirm diagnosis of autism.

Autism Symptoms and Signs

An impaired social skill marked by failure to respond to own name, resists cuddling and hugging, poor eye contact, and prefers to play alone is noticeable. An autistic child starts talking later than a normal child; manifesting a singsong voice or robot-like speech. They tend to repeat words or phrases they hear but actually understand how to use them. They can be unusually sensitive to light, touch and sound. Tendency to perform repetitive movements like rocking and hand-flapping.

Autism Treatment

There is no treatment for autism. Approaches include behavioral and communication therapies aimed at reducing problem behaviors, teaching new skills to teach children how to act properly in social situations and to encourage better communication with others. While there are no specific medications to treat autism, certain drugs are used to control repetitive and aggressive behaviors such as antipsychotic drugs and stimulants.

Drugs used for treatment of Autism


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