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Azoospermia Causes

Azoospermia is said to be cause by undescended testicles, obstruction of seminal passages, infection of the testicles, hormonal disorders and high fever.

Azoospermia Definition

Azoospermia is a condition whereby there is no or absence of measurable level of sperm in a man's semen which causes infertility.

Azoospermia Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical examination and review of medical history of the patient. Undergoing testicular biopsy is also used to confirm the medical condition.

Azoospermia Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms includes infertility in male.

Azoospermia Treatment

Treatment for Azoospermia includes counseling and undergoing Vitamin B Therapy, human chorionic gonadotropin of hCG therapy.

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