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Baby Acne

Baby Acne Causes

Baby acne develops as a consequence of hormonal changes that occurred in the affected infant's mother during pregnancy.

Baby Acne Definition

Baby acne pertains to a skin disease called acne vulgaris affecting newborn infants. Acne vulgaris (or acne) is characterized by inflammatory changes in the skin. Acne lesions are popularly known as pimples or zits, and are more common among adolescents.

Baby Acne Diagnosis

There is no specific testing necessary to diagnose baby acne, as the condition is easily visible on the infant's skin.

Baby Acne Symptoms and Signs

Baby acne appears as small reddish bumps on the cheeks, chin, and forehead of newborn infants. The condition first manifests within 3-4 weeks after birth, and may appear more distinctive when the affected infant is crying. Typically, baby acne resolves or disappears within three months from onset.

Baby Acne Treatment

Baby acne normally disappears after a few weeks; although it has been known to persist for a month or longer in some cases. While no specific treatment is required, some common home care methods include: keeping the infant's face constantly clean by frequently washing it with water; gently drying the baby's face; and avoiding pinching, scrubbing, or irritating the lesions. In cases where the acne is particularly stubborn, a physician may recommend a medicated cream to apply on affected areas.

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