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Back Curves

Back Curves Causes

Scoliosis is idiopathic; meaning, its causes are unknown.

Back Curves Definition

Back curves, or scoliosis is a skeletal deformity in which the back bone curves into an S or C shape. This is a common skeletal illness present among women, but can affect people regardless of age and gender.

Back Curves Diagnosis

Scoliosis can be diagnosed by X-ray imaging.

Back Curves Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of back curves is pain in the back bone, stress, and a distinct S or C shape of the back.

Back Curves Treatment

Scoliosis can be treated by orthopedic treatments and physical therapy. Other patients are required to wear braces to maintain proper posture and keep the back from getting deformed. Maintenance of good posture is likewise important to prevent the onset of the disease.

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