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Balanitis Causes

Balanitis is said to be caused by and infection due to poor hygiene in men that are not circumcised. Diseases like Reactive arthritis, lichen sclerosis diabetes are also said to cause the medical condition in men.

Balanitis Definition

Balanitis is a medical condition where there is inflammation of the head of the penis names as the glans.

Balanitis Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes examination of patient's history and physical examination including undergoing laboratory examination and pathological examination.

Balanitis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes inflammation and swelling of the penis glans.

Balanitis Treatment

Treatment is usually dependent on what cause the medical condition termed as Balanitis. Thus, if the balanitis is due to infection then it may be treated with antibiotics or creams. Circumcision is also advised to treat the condition.

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