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Bartholin Cyst

Bartholin Cyst Causes

Bartholin cyst is caused by an abnormal accumulation of fluid when the vaginal opening becomes blocked or obstructed, such as by a flap of skin. Bartholin cyst may become infected with a number of bacteria and cause abscess.

Bartholin Cyst Definition

Bartholin cyst pertains to a swelling or bulging of Bartholin's glands, usually as a result of obstruction or infection of the vaginal opening.

Bartholin Cyst Diagnosis

Bartholin cyst is usually diagnosed based on a pelvic examination and clinical manifestations. A physician may take a swab of the affected cervix to screen for accompanying bacterial infections. If cancer is suspected, a biopsy may also be recommended.

Bartholin Cyst Symptoms and Signs

In most cases, Bartholin cyst is often small and unnoticeable. However, it can grow and expand into an obvious lump which may be painless and tender. Bartholin cyst can also become infected, producing the following symptoms: discomfort while sitting or walking, fever, pain during sexual intercourse, pain in the lump, plus abscess on the vaginal opening.

Bartholin Cyst Treatment

Bartholin cyst treatment is variable, depending on the size of the cyst, the severity of its symptoms, and the presence or absence of abscess. Some common forms of treatment include: frequent sitz baths or bathing in warm water to cause the cyst to rupture on its own; surgical drainage of the cyst; antibiotics if the cyst is infected; and, in some cases, marsupialization to prevent recurrences.

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