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Beckwith Wiedmann Syndrome

Beckwith Wiedmann Syndrome Causes

The disease is an autosomal recessive syndrome.

Beckwith Wiedmann Syndrome Definition

Beckwith-Wiedmann syndrome (BWS) is an inherited disorder that affects a person's normal growth development.

Beckwith Wiedmann Syndrome Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed by genetic testing.

Beckwith Wiedmann Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The main symptoms for the disorder are an abnormally large body mass, an enlarged tongue, embryonic tumors and renal problems. Growth rate also slows down as the patient reaches six to eight years old.

Beckwith Wiedmann Syndrome Treatment

BWS can be managed by treatment of hypoglycemia to decrease the risks of complications in the central nervous system. Speech therapy can be done to children who have enlarged tongues, while neoplasias are treated by pediatric oncology procedures.

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