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Black Eye

Black Eye Causes

Black eye is said to be cause by a blow in the eye or the area near the eyes such as the nose which may cause the swelling of the nasal injury which causes the fluid to collect in the loose tissues located in the eyelead, it may also be cause by allergic reactions, cellulites or skin infections around the eyes and dental infections.

Black Eye Definition

Black Eye or the Periorbital Hematoma is the medical condition whereby there is a bruising around the eye because of an injury to the face and not directly to the eye.

Black Eye Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical examination of the patient including examination of the patient's history. In some cases a CT Scan and an X-ray may be used to confirm and known the extent of the black eye.

Black Eye Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes discoloration and swelling as a result of a the blood that is reabsorbed and the varios pigment are released similar to bruising that leads to an outward appearance.

Black Eye Treatment

Treatment includes medication to lessen the swelling and inflammation such as application of ice pack. Pain killers may also be used to reduce pain.

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