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Black Lung

Black Lung Causes

The build-up of fine coal dust particles in the lungs causes thickening and scarring resulting to impairment of the lung in its normal function of supplying oxygen to the blood, which may result to either respiratory or right-side heart failure.

Black Lung Definition

Black Lung or black lung disease is a common name for coal worker's pneumoconiosis, a lung disease of long-time workers in the coal industry. Cause is linked to accumulated inhalation of small amounts of coal dust. It has been termed black lung because accumulated inhalation of coal dust made the lung turned black in color instead of the regular pink color.

Black Lung Diagnosis

Patient's history to coal dust exposure. Chest X-ray can detect characteristic lung spots caused by coal dusts and black lung disease before symptoms appear. Pulmonary function test can help in diagnosis.

Black Lung Symptoms and Signs

Shortness of breath slowly worsens as the disease progresses. Emphysema may be present or start to develop; a condition of the lung wherein tiny air sacs are damaged resulting to respiratory and heart failure. Progressive massive fibrosis may develop even after dust exposure has ended.

Black Lung Treatment

Termination of exposure to coal dust is fundamental. Treatment is aimed at treating complications of Black Lung because there is no cure for this medical condition.

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