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Blindness Causes

Blindness may be caused by a congenital abnormality. Brain infections and infections occurring in the retina of the eye. Certain tumors such as eye tumors or optic nerve tumors. Certain diseases may cause loss of vision. Traumatic injury from explosions, fireworks and pellet guns.

Blindness Definition

Blindness is the condition of lacking vision which may be caused by physiological and neurological factors. The clinical term “no light perception” often refers to total blindness. Severe visual impairment with residual vision is also interpretative to blindness. Individuals described to be having only “light perception” are those who have loss sight and can only differentiate light from dark – meaning they only have the capacity to pinpoint the direction where the light is coming from.

Blindness Diagnosis

Ophthalmic evaluation by an eye specialist to assess the extent of vision loss. Neurological evaluation and imaging can provide diagnosis and possible treatment for the condition.

Blindness Symptoms and Signs

Difficulty in identifying people can be a symptom of blindness. Tendency to always bump into objects. They tend to consider light either too light or too dim. Squinting to be able to recognize something or someone. Disorientation or confusion in certain areas that requires vision.

Blindness Treatment

Treatment for blindness is basically depending on the exact cause of the condition. For example blindness due to tumor basically requires treatment for the tumor such as surgery and other recommendable treatments.

Drugs used for treatment of Blindness


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