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Body Lice

Body Lice Causes

Body lice that causes typhus is known as Rickettsia prowazeki, which is contracted by humans via body contact with an infected person. This parasite can cause two three kinds: the epidemic louse-borne typhus, and the Brill-Zinsser disease.

Body Lice Definition

Body lice, or rickets, are parasitic insects that thrive in the human body and eventually cause typhus. This was once a dreaded disease during World War I.

Body Lice Diagnosis

Blood serum infested with body lice is diagnosed via a laboratory examination called the Weill-Felix test.

Body Lice Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of typhus are high fever, chills, extreme weakness and muscle pain, stiffness and cerebral disturbance. Dark-red rashes soon occur in the skin. Delirium soon follows and eventually, death, when left untreated.

Body Lice Treatment

Treatment of body lice is by injecting a vaccine that would make the lymph nodes immune to the parasite. Antibiotics such as tetracycline are used to treat symptoms of the disease.

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