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Brain Compression

Brain Compression Causes

Brain Compression is said to be caused by a lot of conditions such as head injury, wound in the head, cerebral thrombosis, brain infections and cerebral hemorrhage.

Brain Compression Definition

Brain Compression is a medical condition whereby there is an increase in the intracranial pressure.

Brain Compression Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes examination of patient's history of infections particularly those related to the middle ear, sinus, heart and lungs; physical examination, computerized tomography or CT Scan, Arteriography and examination of cerebrospinal fluids.

Brain Compression Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes drowsiness, weight loss, anxiety, weakness, difficulty in breathing, weak pulse, one sided paralysis, raised intracranial pressure and coma.

Brain Compression Treatment

Treatment includes surgical skull trepanning and hospitalization and administration of antibiotics to fight infections such as penicillinase-resistant antibiotic,and administration of I.V fluids containing diuretic such as urea and mannitol and an anticonvulsants like phenobarbital and phenytoin.

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