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Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor Causes

While it is possible that heredity, environmental factors, and viruses play a role in the development of primary brain tumors; however the exact cause is still unknown. Cancer originating from other parts of the body that has spread to reach the brain is the primary cause of many secondary brain tumors.

Brain Tumor Definition

Brain Tumor is an abnormal growth of harmful cells in the brain; classified as either primary or secondary. Primary brain tumors originate in the brain can be benign or malignant. Secondary brain tumor originated in any are of the body and spread to the brain.

Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Computerized Tomography scan involves injection of a special dye to create a clearer, tow-dimensional image of the brain. MRI scan are useful in diagnosing brain tumors. Angiogram shows the location of blood vessels present in and near the brain tumor. Biopsy is the most reliable procedure to confirm diagnosis of brain tumor.

Brain Tumor Symptoms and Signs

Headaches gradually increase in frequency and intensity. Loss of sensation or movement in the arm or leg that slowly progresses. Someone with no history of seizures suddenly experiences seizure episodes. Vision problems that may range from blurred to loss of peripheral vision.

Brain Tumor Treatment

Surgery is aimed at removing as much tumor as possible to minimize damage to healthy cells. Radiation therapy is performed to destroy tumor cells present in the brain. Chemotherapy involves oral or intravenous drugs to help destroy malignant tumor cells.

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