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Breakbone Fever

Breakbone Fever Causes

The disease is a result of a virus infection transmitted by the female mosquito two species of the Aedes family.

Breakbone Fever Definition

Breakbone fever, also known as dengue fever, is an epidemic disease that causes internal hemorrhage. It has become a widespread epidemic in countries in Asia.

Breakbone Fever Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed based on outbreaks and presence of the symptoms shown by the patients.

Breakbone Fever Symptoms and Signs

Patients with breakbone fever usually suffer from high fever, lethargy, coughing with blood, and internal bleeding. The disease can be fatal when not treated.

Breakbone Fever Treatment

Breakbone fever can be treated by antibiotics. Maintenance of clean surroundings and sanitation procedures, and treatment of water facilities must be done to avoid the mosquitoes from thriving.

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