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Breast Engorgement

Breast Engorgement Causes

Breast engorgement is usually caused insufficient breastfeeding as well as clogged milk ducts.

Breast Engorgement Definition

Breast engorgement is a condition in which the mammary glands contain too much milk that cannot be released.

Breast Engorgement Diagnosis

The condition can be diagnosed by means of physical or self-conducted mammary exam by the lactating mother.

Breast Engorgement Symptoms and Signs

Women who are suffering from breast engorgement usually feel pain in the breasts; the breasts may also swell and throb.

Breast Engorgement Treatment

Breast engorgement can be treated by draining the milk from the breasts. This can be done by applying wet heat and massage before nursing to soften the lumps so that they can be released. Breast engorgement may lead to mastitis, or inflammation of the breast as well as plugged ducts that may cause infections when the condition is not treated.

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