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Broken Nose

Broken Nose Causes

A broken nose commonly results from trauma to the face. Common contributing scenarios are injuries from contact sports, physical fights, falls, and road accidents. In addition, mild bone fracture may arise from accidental trauma such as walking into a door or running into a fixed structure.

Broken Nose Definition

A broken nose is characterized by a break, fracture, or crack in one or more bones found in the nose. The most commonly broken bone is the bone over the nose bridge.

Broken Nose Diagnosis

Diagnosis for a broken nose is based on physical manifestations. A physician will typically ask questions about the injury as well as assess the extent of the trauma. In most cases, x-rays and other imaging studies are necessary for a definite diagnosis.

Broken Nose Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms of a broken nose include: pain or tenderness particularly when touching the nose; swelling or reddening of the nose and nearby areas; nose bleeds; bruising around the nose or eyes; deformities such as a crooked or misshapen nose; breathing difficulties arising from a sensation that both nasal passages are blocked; as well as rhinorrhea or mucus discharges coming out from the nose.

Broken Nose Treatment

Minor nose fractures rarely require treatment. Simple self-care remedies such as putting ice on the area and over-the-counter pain medications generally suffice. However, if the fracture has displaced bones and cartilages, a nonsurgical procedure called closed reduction may be done to manually realign the displaced fragments. Severe cases usually require surgical realignment of bones. Rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure to reshape the nose, may also be recommended.

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