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C Syndrome

C Syndrome Causes

C syndrome is said to be an autosomal recessive trait that is transmitted genetically.

C Syndrome Definition

C syndrome is also known by another medical term opitz trigonocephaly syndrome, which is categorized as a very rare disorder typically transmitted as a result of a "gonadal mosaicism". This condition is present in people with different cells in its genetic makeup, usually with the number of chromosomes. The affected people are usually corn with some malformation of the head that typically displays a triangular shape which is largely due to the premature union of bones of the skull. Learning and developmental disabilities are also common in people with C syndrome.

C Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis of C syndrome is largely dependent on the symptoms observed by doctors during physical examination as well as a study of the medical history of the patient.

C Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Among the most common symptoms of C syndrome include the triangular shaped head, abnormally narrow and pointed forehead, flat nasal bridge, crossed eyes, loose skin, ear abnormalities, bent joints and mental retardation.

C Syndrome Treatment

This medical condition does not currently have any treatments available. Due to the mental retardation of patients, proper care and support should be constantly provided by immediate family members.

Drugs used for treatment of C Syndrome


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