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Causalgia Causes

The condition is caused by a distinctive nerve injury. Several cases of the illness occur after forceful trauma to the leg or arm; others traumas can also lead to the condition, such as heart attacks, surgery, fractures, and infections. It isn't well understood as to why the injuries sometimes set off the condition.

Causalgia Definition

Causalgia is defined as a chronic pain disease that typically affects the leg or arm. It is characterized by reduced motion range of the hand and shoulder of an affected arm. In rare cases, it can involve other parts of the body.

Causalgia Diagnosis

Doctors can base their diagnosis on review of patient's medical history, bone scan, physical examination, X-rays, MRI, and sympathetic nervous system tests.

Causalgia Symptoms and Signs

The major symptom of this condition is intense pain, frequently expressed as “burning pain”. Other symptoms include shiny skin, skin sensitivity, temperature hypersensitivity, skin changes, bone changes, tissue swelling, excessive sweating, severe sensitivity to touch, red skin, hand swelling, hand tenderness, decreased range of hand and shoulder motion, strength loss, and grooved nails.

Causalgia Treatment

Remarkable improvement is likely if treatment starts within some months of the first symptoms. Treatment alternatives include medications, application of cold and heat to swelling, capsaicin, physical therapy, TENS, sympathetic nerve-blocking medicine, spinal cord stimulation, and biofeedback.

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