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Chromhidrosis Characteristics and Features

This disease originates from the apocrine glands, which are found in the axillary, areolar, facial, and genital areas. The colored sweat is caused by the lipofuscin pigment produced by the apocrine glands with yellow, blue, green or black secretions. Eccrine chromhidrosis meanwhile occurs rarely and is caused by certain drugs or dyes.

Chromhidrosis Definition

Chromhidrosis is a chemical condition in which a person secretes colored sweat. There are two kinds of sweat glands, the eccrine glands which produce clear fluid and works to control body temperature; and apocrine glands thich secrete milky sweat that becomes the cause of body odor.

Chromhidrosis Histology

Lipofuscin is a yellowish-brown color found in the cytoplasm of non-dividing cells. When one has chomhidrosis, lipofuscin concentrate is found to be above normal, but the exact reason for this change remains unclear. As lipofuscin oxidizes in the apocrine glands, colored sweat is produced.

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