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Chromosomal Translocations

Chromosomal Translocations Causes

Chromosomal translocation is caused by distorted genetic development that has evolved over time. It can also be a result of poor genetic variations.

Chromosomal Translocations Definition

Chromosomal translocation is a genetic defect in which chromosomes break apart and reconnect with other chromosomes resulting to certain disorders. Chronic myelogenic leukemia and hemophilia are examples of chromosomal translocations.

Chromosomal Translocations Diagnosis

DNA and chromosomal tests are conducted to determine the onset of translocations among chromosomes. Family history is also studied.

Chromosomal Translocations Symptoms and Signs

Chromosomal translocations can be detected by the presence of congenital abnormalities possessed by an infant. Hereditary conditions are also signs of chromosomal problems.

Chromosomal Translocations Treatment

Treatment of chromosomal translocation is by genetic counseling.

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