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Cleft Lip

Cleft Lip Causes

The condition is likely caused by environmental and genetic factors. If an individual was born with cleft lip, his or her children have increased risk of being born with the disorder. There is also higher risk of cleft lip if a pregnant mother uses some medicines, take illegal drugs, exposed to infections or radiation, drinks alcohol, and smokes.

Cleft Lip Definition

Cleft lip is a type of birth defect that happens when a fetus' nose and upper jaw tissues don't attach as expected at the time of fetal development, which results in a cleft or split lip. Generally, cleft lip doesn't lead to health problems and it's treatable. In a few cases, some cleft lip infants have trouble feeding.

Cleft Lip Diagnosis

Cleft lip diagnosis is based upon physical examination of an infant's mouth. Cleft lip is generally apparent at birth due to distinguishing facial trait. Infants are also examined for presence of some other defects, like cleft palate.

Cleft Lip Symptoms and Signs

The condition is noticeable at birth. Besides its distinguishing physical appearance, there are no other signs noticed.

Cleft Lip Treatment

Surgery is the main treatment. At what time the surgery is done will depend on some things, including doctor suggestion, baby's health, and the condition of the cleft lip itself. Most doctors agree that the right time for surgery is when the baby reaches three months.

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