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Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache Causes

Studies point to various methods to explain major causes, and is believed to be likely a genetic component. Different factors may work jointly to produce the disorder.

Cluster Headache Definition

Cluster headache is defined as intense pain felt at one's temple or area surrounding the eye on any side of the head. The pain lasts moderately short, and usually happens in clusters for six- to eight-week period. This disorder is comparatively rare, and mostly affects men above thirty years old.

Cluster Headache Diagnosis

Diagnosis depends on symptoms, and doctors may use several approach for diagnosis, including neurological examination, imaging test, and headache tracking.

Cluster Headache Symptoms and Signs

Attacks begin abruptly and lass about fifteen minutes to three hours. It can start with itching nostril or watery nostril discharge. Severe pain on same side of one's head follows, spreading around eye area. After attacks, eyelid on same side of headache droops, and pupil constricts. Recurring headaches several times each week.

Cluster Headache Treatment

There are several treatments aimed to reduce pain severity and shorten headache period. These include acute medications such as oxygen, sumatriptan, octreotide, local anesthetics, etc.; and both conventional and radiosurgery. Potential treatments are also being developed for the condition such as ?implanted stimulator? in the hypothalamus for people with extreme headaches.

Drugs used for treatment of Cluster Headache


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