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Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Disease Causes

The root cause of the sickness is the immediate exposure to gliadin, a protein found in wheat products. This protein causes malabsorption issues in the cells, making it difficult for them to process the nutrients needed by the body organs.

Coeliac Disease Definition

Celiac disease, or coeliac disease, is an illness that affects various organs in the body. In this condition, the body responds negatively to a certain kind of protein that interferes with absorption of nutrients, causing developmental delay and dysfunctional body organs.

Coeliac Disease Diagnosis

The disease is diagnosed by blood tests in search of antibodies that trigger the condition, HLA genetic typing, and endoscopy.

Coeliac Disease Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of the celiac disease are diarrhea, delayed development, and failure to thrive. Gastrointestinal as well as absorption-related problems are present in infants with the disease.

Coeliac Disease Treatment

The only effective treatment is by undergoing a gluten-free diet.

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