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Cold Sores In Children

Cold Sores In Children Causes

The disease is caused by an infection brought about by the herpes virus.

Cold Sores In Children Definition

Cold sores in children are blisters that appear on the corners of the mouth that result to painful lesions and irritating discomfort. These blisters are caused by the herpes virus.

Cold Sores In Children Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed based on the symptoms shown by the patient.

Cold Sores In Children Symptoms and Signs

Children with cold sores have blisters on the sides of the mouth. When these blisters get swollen the may burst and turn out to be open lesions with pus spurting out. Pain can be felt whenever the sores are touched.

Cold Sores In Children Treatment

Treatment is done by special antibiotic medications to stop the sores from developing. Avoidance of topical creams and lotions are also a must to prevent infections.

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