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Collapsed Lung

Collapsed Lung Causes

The lung collapses when air enters the pleural space between the rib cage and lung exerts pressure that causes all or part of the affected lung to collapse.

Collapsed Lung Definition

It is a condition in which a lung or both lungs collapse due to air pressure that leaks into the chest cavity.

Collapsed Lung Diagnosis

Oftentimes, doctors diagnose the condition through chest X-ray as well as other tests such as computerized tomography scan and blood tests.

Collapsed Lung Symptoms and Signs

Individuals with a collapsed lung may feel chest pain on the side of the affected lung, tightness in the chest, a rapid heart rate, or shortness of breath, which depends on the severity of the collapse.

Collapsed Lung Treatment

The condition is treated based on its severity and to relieve pressure on the affected lung.

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