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Common Variable Immunodeficiency

Common Variable Immunodeficiency Causes

The causes of the common variable immunodeficiency are linked to genetic factors as well as the prolonged use of antiepileptic drugs.

Common Variable Immunodeficiency Definition

Common Variable Immunodeficiency is type of disorder that is characterized by extremely low levels of serum immunoglobulin or what is known as antibodies as well as the increased susceptibility to infections. The underlying cause if this medical condition is not known, but is known to be a relatively common type of immunodeficiency.

Common Variable Immunodeficiency Diagnosis

This medical condition is largely suspected among children and adults who have history of recurring infections that involves the bronchi, lungs, sinuses and ears.

Common Variable Immunodeficiency Symptoms and Signs

The most common symptoms this medical condition includes abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. This disease usually appear in kids over 10 years.

Common Variable Immunodeficiency Treatment

The cure of Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) is quite similar to the treatment administered by low levels of serum immunoglobulins. Gamma globulin treatment is also known to relieve and improvement of the symptoms. Patients who suffer from chronic lung disease and sinusitis may require prolonged treatment of antibiotics. Good nutrition and hygiene is also important as well as keeping away from crowds in order to avoid active infections.

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