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Corns Causes

The primary cause of corn is mainly due to the great friction or pressure on the toes. This usually happens when wearing tight-fitting shoes or high heels. As the skin acts as the body's natural armor, the corns are actually the body's attempt to protect the skin.

Corns Definition

Corns are primarily characterized by the small and often very rough mounds of dead skin that usually forms between and on the toes. These are usually hard, firm and have a waxy core that bores down into the skin of the toes and pressing into the underlying nerves and tissues, causing extreme pain.

Corns Diagnosis

A physical examination, particularly the feet of the patient is the best form of diagnosis, especially to rule out other skin problems such as cysts and warts. If corns is a recurrent condition, an x-ray may be conducted to check if there are any physical abnormality that causes the growth of warts.

Corns Symptoms and Signs

Corns are usually regular in shape and often white, yellow or gray in color. The growths are often seen on the fifth or fourth toe, as these digits are the main points of pressure in the feet.

Corns Treatment

In the case of persistent and sever corns, the doctor may advise surgery, although such cases are quite rarely. It is important to remember that people with diabetes should never attempt to cure corn by themselves since they are at greater risk of contracting infection. There are a number of over-the-counter medications to treat corn such as VIranol and Salactic Film.

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