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Cortical dysplasia

Cortical dysplasia Causes

How these neurons become larger than the normal is still unknown to modern science. The source however is believed to be neuronal or glial progenitor cells.

Cortical dysplasia Definition

Cortical dysplasia is a congenital disorder characterized by the failure of neurons usually found near the brain's celebral cortex to migrate in the proper formation in utero, causing the neurons to grow larger than normal. This is found to result to disorganization of the normal structure of the cerebral cortex, causing seizures and developmental delays.

Cortical dysplasia Diagnosis

To find out if a patient has this disease, digital imaging needs to be performed.

Cortical dysplasia Symptoms and Signs

Cortical dysplasia causes patients to suffer from epilepsy or seizures and brain retardation. Focal cortical dysplasia is recognized as the most common cause of intractable seizures among children.

Cortical dysplasia Treatment

Individuals with cortical dysplasia may suppress seizures through medication and surgery. Surgery is more commonly employed.

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